Gourmet Burgers

The unhealthy, fast food image of a burger has arisen due to most burgers being made from the trim and leftover cheap cuts which leads to high levels of fat.  


So we have decided to do the opposite. Our burgers are made with roasting and steak joints like topside, silverside and brisket.


Our lamb burgers are made from the whole of the lamb.This ensures every burger has a high meat content and lower level of saturated fat.


Beef, naturally is an excellent source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12 - so this not only improves the nutritional content but makes a huge difference to the taste, quality and texture.  


We use no rusk, so our burgers are gluten and wheat free. All our ingredients are fresh and always local where possible.

Gluten & Wheat Free

Free From

  • Rusk and Breadcrumbs
  • Dried Ingredients
  • Artifical Flavourings
  • Perservatives
  • Colours

Just the top cuts of meat with the freshest herbs...............

Plain & Simple Beef

Tomato & Mozzarella Beef

Chilli & Red Onion Beef

Plain & Simple Lamb

Our burgers are sold in packs of four. Each Burger weights approximately 126g. 

A pack of four is £5.50.