About Our Farm

Broomhills Farm is a pure livestock farm situated in Pebmarsh, a little village in between Sudbury and Halstead - right on the Essex, Suffolk border.


The Farm was established by Verity and Michael Sharp, who together have a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for the Cattle and Sheep they look after.


Verity's family have farmed in Pebmarsh since 1958, at Great House Farm where Verity's Mother and Father have a thriving Farming Business today. Great House Farm is mainly arable now although much of the livestock knowledge at Broomhills has been passed on by Chris, Verity's farther.


The Cattle and Sheep at Broomhills are free to roam, across unspoilt countryside.  In the winter months the Cattle come inside to a spacious warm barn, where they are fed on silage that is made on the farm in the summer and cereals which are grown at Great House Farm and Milled onsite, ensuring 100% tractability and zero food miles.


All our butchery is done locally and our Beef hangs for 28 days this ensures the very best flavour possible.