Buy Direct From Our Farm

What We Offer

  • Individual Cuts (Steaks, Joints, Chops ect from our shop)
  • Gourmet Burgers (no breadcrumbs or preservatives) 
  • Beef Boxes (approximately 26kg)
  • Lamb Boxes (whole lamb or half available May - Dec)
  • Catering Supplies we supply a number of Restaurants and Pubs

About us

Here at Broomhills Farm we are primarily farmers we take pride in the land we farm and the animals we look after. Being a mixed livestock and arable farm adds benefits to both sectors.


The animals get to roam free on the lush grass but have the choice of a cereal ration which has been produced on farm. 100% traceable, adjustable and zero food miles which is better for the animals and environment.


The crops we produce get the benefit of farm yard manure and we are able add an additional break crop of grass to our arable rotation.  Which gives the soil the vital break it needs.  On farm we have seen benefits to the soil structure, retained nutrients, reduced weed burden and increase in yields the following year.